Otto Brings the Science of Reading to Life

Otto is an AI-driven software platform used by teachers, students, and their parents to give emerging readers the targeted support they need, when they need it.

What is Otto?

What Skills Does Otto Target?

Otto targets letter sounds, letter names, consonant digraphs, and high frequency words — some of the most critical building blocks in a student’s literacy development. Future skill modules to include blending, segmenting, and nonsense words.

How is Otto Different?

Current Methods

The Future is Otto

The Science Behind Otto

Aligned with the Annenberg Institute’s Design Principles of Effective Tutoring

Otto aligns with the key design principles for accelerating student learning with high-dosage tutoring: frequency, measurement, group size, focus, and other drivers of impact.

Proven Growth at Digital Scale

Randomized control trial studies show that repeated, active practice of foundational literacy skills delivers 2x outcomes in only 16 weeks.

How Otto Adds Value

For Students: Success

Active Practice

Out-loud and independent 1:1 practice needed to master phonics skills

Focused on Key Skills

Otto is being developed to cover all foundational phonics skills.

Real-Time Error Correction & Modeling

Proprietary AI model listens, corrects, and models

For Teachers: Efficacy

K–3 Focus

Drives essential reading skills at the point of greatest impact

Extends Teachers’ Reach and Saves Time

Allows teachers to reach each student with the 1:1 practice they need, when they need it

Real-Time Data

Gives teachers actionable data in real time to monitor each student’s progress and help target instruction

For Principals: Better Outcomes

Solves Mission Critical Issue

Combats Teacher Fatigue

Reduces Cost and Reaches More Students

Otto's Advantages

Active, Not Passive

Patent-pending technology provides active experience for students.

Curriculum Agnostic

Integrates with any reading curriculum and into any teacher’s classroom.

Advanced Technology

Our AI-powered voice recognition technology performs 300 million calculations in 50 milliseconds and provides students with real-time feedback.

Rooted in Science

Phonological retrieval practice aligned with the science of how children learn to read.

Plug and Play

Students jump right in and use independently with a gamified framework for learning through play.

Founded by Educators

Our founding team comes from a classroom and literacy intervention background and has over 30 years of combined experience in education.